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Jeff Carver, M.A.T.

Not-so-FAQ’s about Mr. Carver :
How long have you been teaching at Sci High?
* This is my fourth full year — I love it here.  
What were you doing before working in education?
* I worked for a record label for a good part of a decade and spent several years working in advertising.  Lots of writing.  Lots of communicating. 
Where did you go to school?
* Cal Poly (Undergrad) / UNO (Masters) 
Who are your favorite writers? 
* Annie Dillard, David Foster Wallace, John Steinbeck, and Sci High Students.  I would love to talk to you at length about all of these people. 
Do you have a class website? 
* Why, yes.  Click here
Did you interview yourself for this bio?
* Maybe.