The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

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School Supplies & Uniforms

Please use the following department lists to guide your school supply purchases.
English I:
1 notebook
Pen, pencils, highlighter
Algebra I (Heriford):
Pencils, pens (3 different colors)
Loose leaf paper,
headphones, box of Kleenex
Physical Science (Thomas):
2 composition notebooks,
pen, pencils,
index cards, graph paper,
4 Elmers glue sticks
Journey to Careers:
1 composition Notebook
Pencils, highlighters
Algebra I (Miller): 
1 graph paper composition notebook, scientific calculator, folder, loose leaf paper, pencils,
invisible tape, highlighters 
Physical Science (Johnson):
1 composition notebook, black ink pens, pencils
Pencils, eraser, glue stick, jump drive, earbuds, Kleenex, paper towels, hand sanitizer
World Geography: 
Spiral notebook
English II:
Binder (can be shared, but must at least have 1 tab devoted to English), loose leaf paper, pens or pencils, optional: hand sanitizer and Kleenex
Geometry (Heriford):
Pencils, pens (3 different colors), loose leaf paper, headphones, box of Kleenex
Environmental Science (Mallozzi):
3 ring binder, dividers 
Art (Wright):
Standard notebook-sized sketchbook, regular fine-tip black Sharpie
Technical Writing:
3 subject notebook (college ruled with pockets to hold handouts), blue or black pens
Geometry (Miller):
1 graph paper composition notebook, scientific calculator, 1 folder, loose leaf paper, pencils, ruler, compass, invisible tape, highlighters
World History:                   
Marble notebook, a black pocket folder, pack of colored small index cards with lines, one kitchen supply: pack of paper plates, cups (NO STYROFOAM PLEASE), utensils, paper towels, plastic gloves, kleenex, etc. for international food testings
English III/AP Language:
Notebook, 2" binder, pack of 3x5 index cards, pack of filler paper, pens and pencils
Algebra II/Probability & Statistics: 
Pencils, graph paper, highlighter, headphones
Biology (Mallozzi):
Composition notebook, pencils
U.S. History/AP U.S. History:  2-inch binder, college ruled spiral notebook  
Biology (Loftus):
Composition notebook--no spiral notebooks, 3 pronged folder
English IV:
Binder (can be shared with other classes), 6 divider, pens and/or pencils, Post-it notes, one of the following: box of tissues or bottle of hand sanitizer

Notebook, graph paper, pencils, ruler, scientific calculator

AP Biology:
3x5 index cards, composition notebook
AP Literature:

Binder (specific to AP Lit – cannot include any other classes) 6 dividers, 2 black pens, 2 blue pens for in class essay writing, 2 red pens for editing and grading, one of the following: box of tissues or bottle of hand sanitizer

Chemistry (Johnson):
 1 composition notebook, black ink pens, pencils
Civics/AP Government: Binder, composition notebook or single subject notebook, school supply to contribute to classroom (Kleenex, sanitizer, paper towels, looseleaf, pack of pencils or pens, etc), Writing utensils -- pens or pencils      
Spanish I:
Spiral notebook with pockets for handouts OR composition notebook with folder, black and blue pens, index cards. Bonus: wipes to clean room, tissues
Spanish II: 
Pens, looseleaf paper or notebook
Sci High uniforms are available at the following vendors:
Young Fashions 
5700 Crowder
Phone orders: 1-800-824-4154
Online orders:
Poree's Embroidery and Apparel Company
3401 Tulane Ave
Both locations have sales and layaway during May and June!