The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

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Classes & Assignments

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 Department Coordinator: Rae Goldman, M.Ed
 Media Arts E'Jaaz Mason
 Graphic Design Taylor Wells
 Health/Physical Education Alvin Batiste
 Health/Physical Education Kim Green-Williams
 Career Essentials (Quest for Success) Channel Atkins
 CITF Core, Carpentry, & OSHA Josh Overman
 Computer Programming, Autodesk Inventor/3D Modeling
 AP Computer Science / 3D Modeling Rae Goldman
Science Department:
STEM Department Coordinator: Sam Loftus, Ph.D.
 AP Biology, Environmental Science Amy Mallozzi 
 Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics Arnold Little
 Chemistry Bryce Davis
 Biology, Medical Interventions Kevin Deehan
 Physical Science Elan Weingarten
 PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science Rachel Thomas
 Psychology Sarah Cannon-Straight
Math Department:
STEM Department Coordinator: Sam Loftus, Ph.D.
 Algebra I, Probability & Statistics Mackenzie Heriford
 Algebra I Gina Brinser
 Algebra II Andrew Begeman
 Algebra II, Geometry Irnessa Campbell
 Geometry Steven Sweetwyne
 Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus A/B Anna Derby
Humanities Department:
STEM Department Coordinator: Sheila Sundar, M.A.
English Lead: Jeff Carver, M.A.T.
 English I
 English II Charles Whitaker
 English III, AP Language and Composition Jeff Carver
 English IV, AP English Literature Isabelia Carroll
 Reading Laura Dunn
 Technical Writing Matt Daniel
Cultural Studies
Cultural Studies Lead: Sarah Cannon-Straight, M.S.Ed.
 US History Jonathan Monroe
 US History, AP US History Edward Avery
 World History, AP World History Melanie Boulet, M.Ed.
 Civics, AP Government, AP Lead Sarah Cannon-Straight
 Spanish  Jaron Berliner
 Spanish Jessica Wheeler
Credit Recovery Department: