The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

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About Us

The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School provides a rigorous education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to traditionally under-served high school students in Orleans Parish. It is among the very few open-admissions science and math high schools in the country.

No test scores or prior GPA are required. We actively recruit students whom selective schools might turn away, and we commit to improving their achievement.

The goal is to prepare students for college and career success by imparting the skills of disciplined thinking, the spirit of inquiry, the persistence of intellectual curiosity, and the habits of organization, hard work and personal responsibility.

Extensive electives, including seven Advanced Placement courses, promote in-depth study in biology, calculus, chemistry, English, US history, and probability and statistics. After-school programs range from robotics to basketball, from drama to martial arts

Sci High students are also the key to the growth of the New Orleans economy through the next generations. They can compete globally, but they are likely to conduct their professional lives locally—going to our universities and building their careers as part of the educated work force that will drive our city's future.


Sci High is a full-day comprehensive charter high school au¬thorized by the Orleans Parish School Board, governed by the Advocates for Science and Mathematics Education, supported by the Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education, and housed at 5625 Loyola Avenue on the former Allen Elementary Campus uptown between Nashville Ave. and Joseph Street.


  • 412 students in grades 9-12, 88 seniors
  • 46% male, 54% female
  • 82% African/American 12% Caucasian 2% Asian 3% Hispanic, 3% multi-ethnic
  • 83% eligible for free or reduced-price lunch
  • 94% graduation rate
  • 11 AP classes open to all students who have passed prerequisites; most of any open-admission New Orleans school; 80% of Sci High seniors are currently enrolled in an AP Class

Since our founding in 1993, our mission has never changed: we will accept any student willing to work hard and learn to think by observing and gathering evidence before making conclusions (aka “the scientific method”). We are dedicated to preparing students for choices after graduation: 2-4 year college, career, or national service. We focus on math and science because those are the career fields of the future. Our graduates are all over the world in a variety of fields, with many in computer technology and engineering. They write to thank us for making them persist when the going got tough. You will, too.

– Founding principal Barbara McPhee