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Senior Budget


Student fees are collected by Ms Green in the form of a money order, payable to "Sci High" or "New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School." Students will be provided with a receipt upon payment.


Senior Budget Package Builder:

Circle and add up all activities you want to add into your package.

*If participation is below 30%, the event will be cancelled. Payments will be reallocated to an activity of the student’s choosing.





Graduation Package (required for all seniors)


City Park LOOP NOLA low Ropes Course *


Senior Prom


Senior Day of Civic Action


Spring Picnic *


Heritage Visit *


Ring Ceremony


Skating Rink *


Senior Launch


Saturday Splash - Blue Bayou *

~$ 50

Ship Island


Spirit Sweatshirt


Spirit Shirt -short




Spirit Shirt - long


Senior Field Trip * (Bayou Classic Greek Step Show)



Final Budget Selections and Contracts

Due May 18 or before

First Budget Payment

Aug 23

Second Budget Payment

September 24

Third Budget Payment

Oct 23

Final Payment

Nov 1

Budget Payment with 3% service fee added (Final Payment Nov.1)

November 2

Economic Hardship Waiver:
Sci High seeks to balance fairness with equity and an acknowledgement of economic hardship facing many families. As such, we will work with families to offer fee reductions and waivers to those who 
  • make a good faith effort to pay the full fee, including by requesting additional time and/or a payment plan
  • commit to informing us if the family's economic circumstances change and the fee can be paid later in the year