The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

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Special Education and 504 Services at Sci High

Here at Sci High, we welcome all students and meet their various needs with a continuum of support. As an open enrollment high school, we encourage all of our students to access as much school programming as they are comfortable with including AP, Honors and Project Lead the Way classes.


We support our students with IEPs in the general education classroom (when appropriate), and we do so with a dynamic combination of Special Education teachers and Instructional Assistants.


When students need general support outside of the academic classes, we offer Transition Skills classes, which provides a time and place in the school day for students to work on classwork, projects, study for tests, organize and work on social skills.

We provide Transitions classes that prepare our students for life after high school. Lessons and activities range from financial literacy to self-advocacy. At each grade level we work on skills to help our students achieve independence.

Related Services:

Our related service providers are itinerant and provide services during the school day. Related services include Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Adapted PE, and any other services for which a student qualifies.