The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

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Classes & Assignments

Academics at Sci High are aligned on a single philosophy: all students can learn at high levels.

The curriculum includes Advanced Placement classes in math, science, English, and social studies, all of which are open to any interested students who have passed the prerequisites. The goal: every student will experience at least one AP class during four years at SciHigh, and, on average, the current senior class is exceeding that expectation. Of 105 seniors, 78% are taking at least one AP class, and 55% will graduate with two or more AP credits. The results of the Sci High AP program are the best of any of the open-admission schools in Orleans Parish.

Multiple Sci High students have been selected to participate in the highly selective Bard Early College Program, spending the mornings in Sci High classes and the afternoons with in college-level courses taught by local faculty. Students take advantage of dual enrollment at Tulane, Xavier, Delgado, Bard, and NOCCA. Sci High students are also co-enrolled at NOCCA, the nationally renowned school for pre-professional arts immersion.

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